Rossoni’s “Everything Must Go Show”


My friend Deb recently said, “You are always reinventing yourself-that’s what I like about you.” Sounds exciting, I know, but it is forever challenging. At mid-life, knowing there will be no retirement party followed by a pension, I am ready to plan my course of employment action.

Having been self-employed my entire adult life with music and art as a career, I’ve learned to become my own safety net. If I do not make things happen, they won’t. So I’ll continue to design in my Second Story Graphics studio (now in its 25th year) and host events such as The Songmill in the Rossoni Gallery. Top that all off with being an EMT in Jamestown, writing reviews for Motif, a little plein air painting and volunteering for organizations I care about and there lies my course of action for the next few years.

With all said, I am clearing my studio of all of the work I have done in the last 4 decades. Making room: to grow, to explore.

So if you would like a Rossoni piece at a very reasonable rate. Maybe even set your own price on some pieces. Come to the gallery and visit from August 17 – September 7 and view Rossoni: The Everything Must Go Show.

Also please don’t miss the Songmill session with Rick Bellaire and Joe Doyle on August 17! Details at


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